Qingdao Creekbay Industries Ltd. is mainly engaged in black garlic fermentation technology and equipment manufacturing R & D, while the company also engaged in port storage and transportation services,

Agricultural Department mainly engaged in planting garlic, fermented black garlic, black garlic fermentation process development, black garlic production and technical training, at present farm area has reached 500 acres, benefiting more than 30 farmer households.

Technology Department mainly engaged in black garlic production equipment manufacture and sale, upgrading equipment and technology, but also provide new and factory technical adviser, factory planning, QS apply for pre-information consulting services, so far has provided equipment and technology to more than 20 domestic enterprises while also providing equipment and technology to Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Spain and other countries.

Trade Department mainly involved black garlic and black garlic equipment export agency, can also provide black garlic export inspection and customs services, the company is also engaged in the import and sales of products in Southeast Asia Related Nongfu roughing,