black garlic production line

Construction equipment production line black garlic Precautions


black garlic product line

black garlic product line

black garlic product line

black garlic product line

1 device yields much right?

After our experience, a ton of black garlic fermentation equipment most suitable, if more than one ton is necessary to consider all aspects of the technology and equipment operations, from the current domestic situation, 4-6 tons of equipment is prone to fermentation is not uniform phenomenon, or due to operational reasons or technician equipment failure, serious waste of raw materials, such as from a long-term interests, the proposed purchase of multiple small tonnage of equipment, even if there is a serious accident, it will not waste too much material. Also be adjusted according to market demand to facilitate production, in order to reduce production costs.

(2) domestic equipment or imported equipment?

Degree of internationalization of the economy is so high in modern society, has no domestic and imported only said that only equipment quality standards and requirements as the sole criterion for a considerable part of the imported equipment have been localized production, coupled with equipment and technical guidance, maintenance, etc., recommended for high standard domestic and imported equipment although the standard is high, but the resulting prices are high, it is a lot of companies flawed. From a practical point of view the quality of black garlic production, domestic equipment inferior to imported equipment.

3 black garlic device before purchasing needs and what requirements the suppliers?

Because not only involve black garlic production equipment problems, as well as fermentation technology, a lot of companies just to join the black garlic industry is poorly understood, that as long as the purchase of equipment on it, not knowing that the device is only equipment, fermentation process is a process, both are sold separately, equipment purchase, found it impossible to operate, it will have a lot of problems, but also requires a lot of money to buy fermentation technology services, etc. So before buying equipment need to figure out whether the device contains the fermentation process transfer fees, or process guidance fees.


4 black garlic production line auxiliary equipment What?

Black garlic production process, the need sorting, cleaning, drying and other auxiliary equipment, according to the national food hygiene standards to the planned plant.

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